Why a Group O&G Practice?

Tasmania’s first all female group obstetric practice

Group practices with all female Obstetricians & Gynaecologists are now available in almost every state in Australia. At TasOGS we are proud to be the first to bring this modern model to beautiful Tasmania!

A group practice with Obstetricians who share the same pregnancy and birthing philosophy ensures you always have an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist who not only knows your needs, but knows you personally.

Within our TasOGS group practice you will be cared for only by Obstetricians within the TasOGS practice. This ensures you know exactly who could be involved in the birth of your baby.

All our Obstetricians & Gynaecologist are mothers, daughters, sisters and partners themselves. Our careers are balanced with valuing our personal and family life. We think this helps us provide you with additional understanding and depth in our care.

This is our TasOGS approach.

How does a group obstetric practice work?

At TasOGS you can book with any of our experienced female Obstetricians.  Our three Obstetricians have all spent time training at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne.  All have the same philosophical and clinical approach to birthing.

During your pregnancy your primary Obstetrician will be keen to get to know you and your individual needs.  This primary Obstetrician will provide the majority of your antenatal care and will be planning for the safe birth of your baby.  Whenever possible, this primary Obstetrician will be present for your birth.

During your pregnancy you will meet all Obstetricians in the TasOGS practice.  If you need the on-call Obstetrician’s support during your pregnancy or birth, who may not be your primary specialist, you will already have had the opportunity to build a supportive and trusting relationship with all Obstetricians of the TasOGS team.  At TasOGS we believe the transparency of knowing who could be present at your birth is invaluable.

Having babies is a busy business!  During any 24 hour period one of our TasOGS Obstetricians provides the on-call obstetric cover.  We know that having a well-rested Obstetrician, provides you with the safest possible care during your pregnancy and birth.  A group practice equally sharing the on-call responsibilities provides this safety.

An all female group gynaecology practice

At TasOGS we offer a wide range of office and surgical gynaecology.  With a broad and complementary skill set, our experienced female Gynaecologists are able to manage a wide range of gynaecological presentations.

Our Gynaecologists often operate together at Hobart Private Hospital.  At TasOGS we think having two specialists present during your surgery provides an additional level of patient safety.

Our shared 24 hour on-call covering arrangement ensures any gynaecological issues occurring outside office hours will always be managed by a TasOGS Gynaecologist who is familiar with your medical history and surgical circumstances.