Fees and Pricing

At TasOGS we are eager to ensure you are aware of all the financial costs associated with receiving TasOGS obstetric or gynaecology care. This allows you to make an informed financial decision when making choices about your healthcare.

At TasOGS we believe our unique model of care, with our outstanding and experienced specialists, is a valuable investment into the safety and wellbeing of you and your pregnancy.


When you book at TasOGS for your pregnancy care you will receive our full fee schedule prior to your first appointment.

An out of pocket fee is associated with the first booking visit. This covers the additional time taken for a comprehensive consultation to begin your pregnancy planning.

At 20 weeks you will be required to pay the ‘planning and management of pregnancy‘ out of pocket fee. This is a once-only all-inclusive cost which covers ALL your antenatal, birthing and postnatal care from your TasOGS obstetrician. We believe this transparency in cost (available prior to booking) ensures you can plan financially for your pregnancy & birth with greater certainty.

Our TasOGS specialists planning and management of pregnancy out of pocket fee reflects the clinical excellence, the personalised care, and the commitment to current best practice that our specialists provide.


Our TasOGS obstetricians have all had training time at the Royal Womens Hospital in Melbourne – the largest provider of normal and high-risk obstetric services in Australia.   This ensures your obstetrician comes with the highest level of training for your pregnancy and birth experience.  

Further to this, your antenatal care occurs in the TasOGS environment that values and enacts integrity, respect and transparency, maximising your and your babies safety during your pregnancy, birth and postnatal care.


All other antenatal appointments after the first visit and until delivery are bulk billed to Medicare only.  This is true regardless of how complex your pregnancy is and how many antenatal appointments or TasOGS ultrasounds you may require or request.

We recommend you have a 12 week and 20 week specialist obstetric ultrasounds at Womens Imaging in Moonah.  Womens Imaging is the only specialised womens scanning service for in Tasmania and offers the highest quality service for 12 and 20 week ultrasounds. 

Dating ultrasounds, growth ultrasounds, and most other ultrasounds required for your pregnancy can be performed at TasOGS by our obstetricians.  If needed, two of our obstetricians perform onsite amniocentesis.

There is no out of pocket cost for your delivery from your obstetrician if you have private health insurance. This is billed directly to your private health insurance fund.

Your postnatal care is also covered by your delivery fee, billed directly to your private health insurance fund.  There is no out of pocket cost for postnatal care, up to and including the 6 week visit in the TasOGS rooms.

The above cost covers the TasOGS obstetrician specialist services.  This does not cover the costs of pathology, nuchal translucency ultrasounds (12 weeks), morphology ultrasounds (20 weeks), specialist fetal anomaly ultrasounds or the involvement of other specialists in your pregnancy care, such as anaesthetists, paediatricians or others.


When you book at TasOGS for gynaecology consultations you will receive our gynaecology fee schedule prior to your appointment. There is an out of pocket fee for your gynaecology consultation that our TasOGS receptionist will inform you of at booking.

The fee structure for surgery is dependant on the operation type and complexity. Fees for Hobart Private Hospital will depend on your length of hospital stay and need for other services. You will receive full financial information before your operation from your gynaecologist, anaesthetist and hospital.


If you have any questions about TasOGS fees please discuss this with our practice manager. Openness and transparency are core values of our practice, and we strive to keep you well informed.