Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring along my partner, family or friend to my appointment?

You are welcome to bring along the support you need during any of your TasOGS appointments.

Do you offer antenatal classes?

Parenting/antenatal education classes are provided for all women and their families booked at Hobart Private Hospital. These are provided onsite at the hospital, and include:

  • Birthing classes – held weekly on Tuesday evening for 4 weeks or on Sunday for 4 hours for 2 weeks.
  • Prenatal physiotherapy classes – held monthly.
  • Prenatal ‘pain relief during birth’ classes – held monthly
  • Prenatal breast feeding classes – held monthly
  • Postnatal classes – held monthly.

Will my baby have a paediatrician review?

All of the babies we deliver through TasOGS and Hobart Private Hospital receive a baby check by one of the Hobart Private Hospital paediatricians during the postnatal stay.

How long do I stay in hospital after my baby is born?

At Hobart Private Hospital you stay for 4 nights after a vaginal delivery and 5 nights after a caesarean section.

We encourage you to stay in hospital until your TasOGS obstetricians feels it is safe for you and your baby to leave.  This may occasionally necessitate you staying in hospital longer for longer than planned, but ensures your safety.

How long do I stay in hospital after my gynaecological surgery?

This very much depends on your surgery and recovery. Some surgeries can be performed as day surgery. Other surgeries require you to stay for a number of days. This will be discussed by your TasOGS gynaecologist.

Do I have to hold private health insurance to see a TasOGS specialist?

Private health insurance is not required for a TasOGS specialist consultation.  If you do not hold private health insurance and wish to have private obstetric care or surgery at Hobart Private Hospital, our TasOGS reception team can provide you with the out of pocket costings.

Do you have options for payment plans?

This can be certainly be discussed with your TasOGS specialist and the TasOGS practice manager.