Your First Appointment

Once you have booked at TasOGS

We recommend you have your first obstetrician appointment at 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Prior to this appointment you will have received a pack from TasOGS.  This includes  information about your TasOGS obstetrician, the TasOGS practice, the TasOGS obstetric fee structure, as well as a privacy information and consent form. Please contact the TasOGS reception team if that hasn’t occurred.

Your first antenatal appointment

On your first appointment you will meet with your TasOGS Obstetrician!

Your obstetrician will explore your relevant medical and obstetric history, and perform a dating ultrasound.  You will be provided with general recommendations and precautions to be aware of during your pregnancy, a discussion about screening options for genetic and chromosomal testing, an outline of your pregnancy care plan, initial discussions around birthing, and answers to your questions and concerns.

If you have had any blood tests, urine tests or ultrasounds with your GP prior to this appointment, please have your GP send or fax them to us or bring copies to the appointment.

Please bring along your GP referral, your Medicare card and your private health insurance details.

If you are unable to attend or are running late, please contact a TasOGS receptionist and let them know as early as possible. We will do out best to reschedule or adjust your appointment time for your convenience.

Please note that an out-of-pocket fee is charged for this first appointment. Please contact our staff at TasOGS for more information.