Can I bring along my partner, family or friend to my appointment?

Yes! You are welcome to bring along the support you need during any of your TasOGS appointments.

Do you offer antenatal classes?

Parenting and antenatal education classes are provided for all women and their families booked at Hobart Private Hospital. These are provided onsite at the hospital, giving you both a supportive environment with other women and a chance to become more familiar with Hobart Private itself.

Antenatal and postnatal classes include:

  • Birthing classes – held weekly on Tuesday evening for 4 weeks or for 4 hours on Sunday for 2 weeks.
  • Prenatal physiotherapy classes – monthly.
  • Prenatal 'pain-relief during birth' classes, discussing epidurals and other options with a specialist obstetric anaesthetist – monthly.
  • Prenatal breast feeding classes – monthly.
  • Postnatal and parenting classes – monthly.

Can I meet with an anaesthetist before my delivery or surgery?

Yes! If you prefer a one-on-one consultation with an obstetric anaesthetist to discuss your pain-relief options during labour, to learn more about labour epidurals or if you have concern about how existing medical problems may affect an epidural, we can refer you for a consultation with one of Hobart's specialist obstetric anaesthetists at The Hobart Anaesthetic Group.

The Hobart Anaesthetic Group is the oldest private anaesthetic group in Australia, and the only provider of private obstetric anaesthetic services in Hobart. They also provide 24 hour after-hours emergency anaesthetic services for epidurals, caesarean sections and other emergency surgery, with experienced, specialist anaesthetic doctors.

You may also be referred to meet your anaesthetist and discuss your anaesthetic plan if you are having a planned caesarean section, having major gynaecological surgery or have experienced anaesthetic problems before. At TasOGS we know it is not uncommon to be apprehensive about your anaesthetic or labour epidural. Meeting one of our friendly anaesthetists almost always quickly allays any fears!

Will my baby have a paediatrician review?

All of the babies we deliver through TasOGS and Hobart Private Hospital receive a baby check by one of our wonderful Hobart Private Hospital paediatricians during the postnatal stay.

We always have a specialist paediatrician present for caesarean sections and complicated vaginal deliveries, to do an immediate baby check and ensure the safety of your precious baby.

Although most babies are delivered into the arms of their mother, if needed Hobart Private Hospital has a Special Care Nursery staffed by specialist neonatal nurses and midwives, and overseen by our specialist paediatricians. In the unlikely event that higher level care is needed, the Royal Hobart Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is on-site and immediately available.

How long do I stay in hospital after my baby is born?

At Hobart Private Hospital you commonly stay for 4 nights after a vaginal delivery and 5 nights after a caesarean section.

We encourage you to stay in hospital until your TasOGS obstetricians is happy it is safe for you and your baby to return home.  This may occasionally necessitate staying longer in hospital than planned, but ensures both you and your baby's safety – and most importantly supports your transition to parenthood!

How long do I stay in hospital after my gynaecological surgery?

This very much depends on the extensiveness of your surgery and your recovery after surgery. Many surgeries can be performed as 'day surgery' allowing you to return home on the same day as your operation. Other surgeries may require you to stay for a number of days.

One advantage of laparoscopic gynaecological surgery is that even if you need to stay in hospital, your recovery is often faster and your hospital stay may be shorter.

The likely duration of your hospital stay will be discussed by your TasOGS gynaecologist to allow you and your family to plan before your hospital admission.

Do I have to hold private health insurance to see a TasOGS specialist?

Private health insurance is not required for a TasOGS specialist consultation.  If you do not hold private health insurance and wish to have private obstetric care or surgery at Hobart Private Hospital, our TasOGS reception team can provide you with a quote for your likely out-of-pocket fees.

If you are planning a pregnancy or surgical treatment it is important to consider the policy waiting time after commencing private health insurance cover. Most Australian private health insurers mandate a 12 month waiting period, which even if you have planned for a 9 month pregnancy, can be problematic if you have your baby early. Approximately 1 in 10 Australian babies are born preterm (before 37 weeks).

It is also important to ensure that your policy covers pregnancy and obstetric care, as this is a common exclusion on some health insurance policies, as well as whether you have cover for surgery in a private hospital. If you have any doubts, contact your private health insurer to understand the specifics of your policy's coverage.

Do you have options for payment plans?

This can be discussed with your TasOGS specialist and the TasOGS reception team.