Hobart Private Hospital (HPH) is located on the corner of Argyle and Collins Street in the Hobart CBD. This is co-located with the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH),  tertiary obstetric and neonatal hospital.

At TasOGS we believe that there are significant benefits to being co-located with the tertiary referral centre for the state. Dr Connan has chosen to perform her operations and deliveries only at Hobart Private Hospital because of its proximity to The Royal Hobart Hospital, as well as the high level of care provided by the HPH staff.


HPH has a maternity unit and delivery suite, 24-hour emergency operating theatre, and a level-2 neonatal nursery that provides care for babies at 34 weeks gestation and above.

The HPH maternity unit is staffed by experienced midwives who provide antenatal, labour, postnatal care and lactation support.

Antenatal education, breast feeding and physiotherapy classes are provided through the HPH maternity unit. Each birthing room contains a double bed allowing partners to stay during the birthing and postnatal period. HPH encourages you to have your newborn baby stay in your room when nursery care is not required. This provides an excellent opportunity for bonding with your baby during your supported admission.

All babies born in HPH at less than 34 weeks are transferred to the level 3 neonatal nursery next door at Royal Hobart Hospital. This ensures you are never far from your baby during his or her nursery admission in the unlikely event that it is required.

The birthing and postnatal period are both fully supported by highly trained specialist anaesthetists, neonatologists, physicians, and paediatricians who work at HPH.


HPH supports a wide range of surgical specialties including gynaecology. Other specialists that may be required for complex gynaecological surgery are also available at HPH, including Gynaecological Oncologists, Urologists, Colorectal and General Surgeons. Additionally, specialist physicians such as our own Dr Kristina McDonnell,  can provide medical consultation expertise for TasOGS in-patients.

Five modern theatres at HPH provide the ideal environment for performing safe gynaecological surgery. Specialist surgical nurses support all Gynaecologists with intra-operative and postoperative care, ensuring your recovery is as smooth as possible. Dr Connan has her own regular surgical nurse team who provide out-standing care and support during your surgery. 

HPH's high dependency unit (HDU) ensures complex post operative issues are managed in this well monitored setting.

There is a 24-hour modern and accessible emergency department located at HPH.  Our TasOGS Gynaecologists are also available for consultation for gynaecological emergencies presenting to the emergency department.