TasOGS has brought a new and exciting concept in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Women's Healthcare to the beautiful city of Hobart.

Founded in 2014 by Dr Kirsten Connan and Dr Tania Hingston, TasOGS is Tasmania's first all-female, multi-disciplinary obstetrics, gynaecology and women's health practice.

The practice consists of TasOGS founder Dr Kirsten Connan (FRANZCOG Specialist Obstetrician & Gynaecologist), Dr Kristina McDonnell (FRACP Specialist Endocrinologist & Physician), along with an amazing team of experienced Women's Health General Practitioners, Women's Health Psychologists, a Women's Health Physiotherapist, Midwives and our wonderful reception team!


At TasOGS we recognise that pregnancy demands clinical excellence, personalised education, and outstanding support, and in a practice environment that promotes respect, inclusiveness, and transparency. 

Our TasOGS obstetrician, Dr Kirsten Connan is known for her commitment to clinical excellence and education, her gentle and engaging bedside manner, and her calm and capable skills with obstetric and surgical emergencies. In addition to Dr Connan's antenatal appointments, you will be supported by our two TasOGS midwives (Deb and Libby). These midwives have over 50 years of combined experience with antenatal, postnatal and sleep & settling education!

Having a well-rested and safe obstetrician, as well as someone familiar and experienced providing 24 hour support during your pregnancy and birth, is our TasOGS commitment. Dr Connan shares her weekend and annual leave cover with Dr Irena Nikakis. All women have the opportunity to meet Dr Nikakis during their pregnancy, ensuring you always have a trusted and familiar face providing care during your pregnancy and birth. We believe that this is an invaluable feature of our practice.

We have chosen to support our women and their families with their birth at Hobart Private Hospital, ensuring access to the co-located Royal Hobart Hospital neonatal and adult ICU, in the unlikely event that this is needed. 

If you wish to book your pregnancy care with Dr Connan you will require a referral from your GP, allowing you to claim Medicare and/or Private Health Insurance rebates. The referral from your GP will last twelve months. Dr Connan will correspond with your family GP or referring doctor after your visit.


Your gynaecology care can be provided by our TasOGS Gynaecologist, or by one of our outstanding Women's Health General Practitioners (GPs). In the event that your TasOGS Gynaecologist is away or you require emergency care when your gynaecologist is not available, one of the Women's Health General Practitioners (GPs), or our covering gynaecologist (Dr Irena Nikakis) can provide you with care.

If you wish to book a specialist gynaecology appointment with Dr Connan you will require a referral from your GP. Dr Connan will correspond with your referring doctor after your visit.

If you wish to book a gynaecology appointment with one of the TasOGS Women's Health General Practitioners (GPs) you do not require a referral. Please contact the TasOGS reception team directly on 6214 3333 and they will make an immediate appointment.


TasOGS provides all of your birthing and surgical care on-site at Hobart Private Hospital – obstetrics, gynaecology, midwifery, general gynaecology, and advanced laparoscopic surgical services.


TasOGS is committed to providing outstanding Women's Healthcare and advocacy for the women of Hobart and greater Tasmanian!

TasOGS – by women, for women.