Having a baby can be a wonderful and exciting life event! And what better place to give birth and start a family than beautiful Hobart, Tasmania.

Birthing at Hobart Private Hospital

TasOGS obstetrician, Dr Kirsten Connan chooses to deliver only at Hobart Private Hospital because of the high level of care provided by HPH staff and because she strongly believes that there is significant benefit to being co-located with the Royal Hobart Hospital and the high-level facilities it can provide if needed, unlike a standalone private maternity hospital.

Because the TasOGS practice is at 25 Argyle Street, immediately opposite Hobart Private Hospital, Kirsten is always nearby to the women and families she is caring for. And because she only delivers at Hobart Private Hospital, you can be reassured that you will not be left waiting for your obstetrician caught up at another hospital.

Dr Kirsten Connan – Care and experience

Dr Connan is a FRANZCOG Obstetrician & Gynaecologist with a passion for improving women's health through empowerment, support and education. Kirsten strongly believes that the health and well-being of mothers, their babies and their families is best provided by obstetricians working with women themselves.

Respecting that every woman has a unique story, women's healthcare
deserves to be provided in a personalised way. 

At her practice TasOGS, Kirsten provides comprehensive antenatal, birthing and postnatal care for women who are planning to birth at the Hobart Private Hospital. 

Dr Connan supports vaginal births, elective caesarean sections, and vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC). Kirsten only accepts 10 pregnant women per month. This ensures Kirsten has time for each woman and her family, and ensures she herself remains appropriately rested. This is essential to ensure clinical excellence and safety can be achieved for her women, and for her own self-care. 

TasOGS - by women, for women.